Component and Assembly Simulations


  • Verify the expected characteristics of your ideas with modelling
  • Analyse the load or the cause of failures with a 3 dimensional simulation of
    your product

We perform simulations as part of your development phase, we prepare the analysis and proof of your concept. Based on your ideas, 3 dimensional models will be generated
which will simulate the behavior of your components in the manufacturing
phase, in service and in high stress situations.  The Finite-Element-Method
(FEM) is applied to model, analyze and optimize characteristics like thermal management,
mechanical stress or other physical phenomena such as high frequency field

InBeCon provides comprehensive experience for design and simulation especially of micro-components and packages in the areas of opto-electronics and microsystem technology:

  • Small power components with integrated liquid micro coolers
  • Thermal management of micro packages
  • Mechanical stress and deformation of components and packages
  • Analysis of time-resolved processes during production or in stress situations
  • 3d- high frequency field distributions across assemblies and in packages